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Taiwan has a superb climate for growing tea, and produces some of the best in the world. Our trip to Taichung, Sun Moon Lake and Taipei became a pilgrimage not only to find some excellent tea to take home, but also some beautiful, reasonably priced ceramics.

In order to survive in the face of cheaper teas from Indian and Sri Lanka, many tea farmers in Taiwan turned to the cultivation of ‘Betel nut’ instead. The popular ‘betel nut’ is actually an areca nut wrapped in betel leaf, the combination of which creates a mild stimulant, and has been chewed as a traditional custom in many Asian and Oceanic countries for an extremely long time. Despite this, the popular number 18 Assam tea has withstood the changing trends with locals and tourists alike. Sun Moon Lake Antique Assam Tea Farm still stands as both a working tea factory with it’s own plants, a shop, and as a tourist…

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