Practice Valuations to Sell a Medical Practice? – Transition Consultants

Medical Practice For Sale

Today we will discuss the value of why having a medical practice evaluation conducted by a reputable transition consulting firm is key to achieve your objective. Medical Practice Brokers and Consultants are often asked how medical practice transition works. Selling your medical practice begins with a medical practice appraisal and evaluations by a certified professional. Your medical practice sales will run smoothly if you follow a structures sales process and, do not attempt to skip steps that have proven to be successful. Certified Medical Brokers and Consultants apply deep knowledge and technical expertise when utilizing accepted standards of value to your medical practice.

Medical Practice For Sale

  1. Appraisers and appraisal practice– your appraiser should be certified and recognized under the qualified appraiser guidelines set forth by the IRS, SBA and US Department of Labor such as the CHBC, CVA and CBA. A practice valuation is essential in making informed and prudent financial decisions.

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